At the end of the 19th century a healing method was rediscovered in ancient Sanskrit texts by a Japanese scholar, Mikaomi Usui. He called it Reiki, a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki has no association with religion, faith or belief systems and can be received by anyone who is willing to be healed.


The benefits

Reiki is a healing process that can benefit everbody, even animals. As a natural form of healing, Reiki has the ability to reverse stress induced conditions and can support and enhance other forms of treatment. When energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of well being. Reiki works at bringing us into balance and reinforces the body's natural ability to heal itself at all levels.


The treatment

  • Reiki healing benefits physical, mental and emotional health
  • Healing is given in a non intrusive hands-on treatment and the recipient remains fully clothed
  • Some people feel very relaxed and may even fall asleep, others may talk about what they are feeling
  • The healing energy may feel hot or cold and there may be tingling sensations.
  • a natural sense of calm and peace is induced from the treatment which helps to combat feelings of stress and anxiety

I have been practicing Reiki since 1998 and work as a Master Practitioner in the Reiki Seichem method.






Animal Reiki

Although we normally associate Reiki with humans, it is also an ideal complimentary therapy for animals. Reiki is one of a handful of therapies which brings no harm to any living thing to produce healing properties, sometimes even those unknown to the practitioner! Animals are generally much more sensitive to energy than humans and will sense the Reiki energy flow much more quickly.


The benefits

We can use the energy for an array of issues from emotional well being through to post surgery healing and end of life transition. The passing of a loved family pet is one of the hardest things to deal with if you are an animal lover and the Reiki energy can be very calming at this time. Remember, the animal will always decide what is best for itself and often, as with humans, requires permission to let go.


The treatment

  • Reiki treatments may take place at the animals home, where they feel most comfortable
  • Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary treatment and is also not a diagnostic tool
  • The treatment works on subtle levels to promote healing. Treatments usually last for one hour


I love animals and have had many wonderful results with 'pet patients'


Here are a selection of my client comments for Reiki...

"Two weeks ago I had a really bad migraine and was unable to attend my appointment with Karon. She sent me some Reiki healing and the migraine began to lift immediately and within two hours it had completely gone and I had a glorious warm glow around my head. Yesterday I had a swollen, painful heel and, after a Reiki treatment from Karon, I awoke this morning and found all the swelling had gone and I was able to put wwight on my foot-pain free!"



" I have been having regular Reiki treatments together with massage for some months and I cannot recommend Karon highly enough. My depression and anxiety have lifted and friends and family comment on the changes they have seen within me. I am calmer, happier and able to deal with life again-thank you!"